Toro Battery Leaf Blower 60V MAX Skin Only

Toro Battery Leaf Blower 60V MAX Skin Only

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5 Star Product

In stock 3-Year

Skin or unit only: Does not include Battery or Charger.

Tired of dealing with the power lead or mixing petrol for your leaf blower?

  • Move large piles of leaves faster with 17 m³/min of air volume and 115 mph air speed**
  • Get more power when you need it with the variable-speed trigger and turbo-boost button.
  • Get more power and longer life out of your blower, thanks to a high-performance brushless DC motor with less friction, lower maintenance and less wear than a brushed moto
  • Save your strength, stay comfortable and tackle big jobs with less effort. The cruise control feature and ergonomic handle are designed to reduce arm fatigue.
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